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Η Εταιρία

Our company G. STAVRAKANTONAKIS S.A. was founded in 1985 at Heraklion Crete. The objective of the enterprise is the production and trade of plastic pipes and plastic tanks as well as the import and trade of heating, air conditioning and plumbing.

Our company's headquarters are located at the Industrial Area of Heraklion (Road I). Our subsidiaries are located in Heraklion, Crete at Monis Gonias 55 and in Thessalonica Pontou 62, Nea Menemeni.

The administration and the personnel of G. STAVRAKANTONAKIS S.A. commit to attend for products and services of high quality that will ensure:
 • the conformity of specifications with the Greek and international models
 • the use of most excellent raw material from evaluated and distinguished suppliers
 • respect for the environment and the ecological conscience
 • the absolute satisfaction of our customers from the appearance, quality, resistance, precision of dimensions, packing and delivery of our products.

Our basic mission is to keep our customers satisfied with:
 • our products
 • our correspondence
 • our know-how
 • and our professionalism.

G. STAVRAKANTONAKIS S.A. has realized steps of growth not only in the sector of its modernization, but at the same time in the sector of quality applying Certified System of Quality ISO 9001, which ensures the control and the observation of processes at all phases of the productive and enterprising activity.

The company allocates completely equipped laboratory of qualitative control, a fact that guarantees the most excellent qualitative control of the raw material and the products, according to the Greek, European and International specifications.

The products which are delivered to our customers are distinguished for their most excellent quality. The quality of pipes and reservoirs is ensured with the application of completely automated processes at the productive process and the modern mechanical equipment.

The products of G. STAVRAKANTONAKIS S.A. include a wide range of plastic pipes and tanks.
More specifically the following products are produced:
 • Sewage P.V.C. pipes according to ELOT 476
 • Polyethylene pipes (PE)
 • Water supply third generation pipes MRS10, PE100 according to PrEN 12201-2 and ISO 4427
 • Water supply pipes according to PrEN 12201-2 and ISO 4427 and DIN 8074/8075
 • Pipes for agricultural use DIN 8072/8073 from LDPE
 • Drainage P.V.C. pipes according to ELOT 740 and ELOT 686 with model DIN 8062 and ELOT 9
 • Spiral
 • PPR pipes
 • Tanks of polyethylene for drinking water and for all liquids (other than chemicals).

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